Installation of thermal power units

  • about project

    Taking responsibility for the power supply to consumers, Del Mar Energy works tirelessly to ensure a stable and high-quality power supply at all times of the day. Highly reliable equipment and advanced technical capabilities ensure the stability of world-class power supply both in terms of the number of annual outages and downtime. Through the use of innovative methods of energy production and distribution, the company has managed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the energy production process by 20% compared to competitors. For a world striving for greener ways to generate energy, this is very important.

  • mission

    One of the specializations of Del Mar Energy is the design and installation of thermal power plants. The main mission of the holding is to optimize the cost side for the customer, implement the company's corporate principles in production and maintain a stable power supply to world-class consumers, digitalize the operation of thermal power plants and increase profit margins for both partners and the company.

  • strategy

    Del Mar Energy, as a general contractor, has successfully implemented more than 120 projects for the installation of thermal power plants. We have extensive experience in this field and qualified personnel who are constantly improving the material part and technologies used in production and facilities. Del Mar Energy employs specialists with more than 30 years of experience in the energy industry.

Investment analysis

Electricity distribution, which is necessary for absolutely all industries and areas of activity, is a fairly relevant area, which brings the company more than 10% of the total profit of all areas. Power supply stations today are operated in various variations. Equipment of this type is used to generate, convert and transmit electricity to consumers. However, the effective performance of these functions is possible only if thermal power plants have been properly serviced and installed by highly qualified specialists. An analysis of this direction shows that since 2015, the net return has not fallen below 291% of the final return on investment.

Facts in numbers

  • 75000 $

    Minimum amount

  • 296.24%


  • 232938592 $

    Total invested

Investment conditions

  • 1.288%

    Daily rate

  • 230 days

    Deposit term

  • Daily

    Payment type

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6 000


Daily profit

+ 31 200 USD

Profit of period

+ 3 709 200 USD