Pipelines and sewers

  • about project

    Pipelines are the main component of the oil and gas industry. Like the circulatory system, they work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, continuously providing our energy needs. Pipeline systems are vital to the economies of most countries in the world. Pipelines transport oil and gas over vast distances and convert it into a variety of energy – gasoline for our cars and electricity for our homes. To create them, pipes of various diameters, high-quality connecting elements and shut-off valves are used. It should be noted that welded pipes have recently become the most widespread. The use of modern technologies has made it possible to create a reliable seam, the tensile strength of which is only 10-15% less than that of the walls of such a product. The constant need to lay new pipelines provides work for our production on a permanent basis. Our products and quality of work have managed to gain confidence in the world market, as evidenced by the constantly growing volumes of Del Mar Energy supplies.

  • mission

    Del Mar Energy is able to regularly remain an industry leader due to the presence of not only specialists in the oil and gas industry, but also in metallurgy. We are engaged in the design and installation of pipelines of all types - from oil pumping to domestic systems. Our experience allows us to perform all work from planning to the implementation of the most complex solutions. Del Mar Energy's main mission is to optimize the direction and introduce neurotechnological mechanisms into this industry to reduce costs and increase net margins.

  • strategy

    Del Mar Energy has been carrying out pipeline design and development work since 2006. As a general contractor, we have laid 9000 km of pipelines in 19 countries around the world. The company has vast experience in this field, qualified personnel and constantly improving material resources.

Investment analysis

The main advantage of pipelines is their safety. Pipelines are 40 times safer than rail tank cars and 100 times safer than tank trucks used to transport energy. According to the American Pipeline Association, oil leaks from pipelines are approximately 1 gallon per million barrels in miles. Del Mar Energy uses patented steel alloys for piping, which are 42% more corrosion-resistant than conventional steels. Extensive experience in performing these works, responsibility and a high level of qualification of specialists allow us to confidently occupy a leading position not only among American companies in this industry, but also in many European countries.

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