Refining and sale of petroleum products

  • about project

    Today, the demand for oil fields is closely related to their location on the sea shelf. This is due to the depletion of onshore oil reserves. The traditional method of production of reserves on the shelf is the location above the water surface of a stationary or floating production facility, which has the necessary equipment for production. The high margins of this area are caused by the difficulty of production in places with deep or remote waters.

  • mission

    Del Mar Energy is engaged in the production of oil and gas on the underwater shelf. The first facility from this area was launched in 2007. The holding provides a full range of works: from exploration and field development planning to the installation of drilling rigs and the development of related infrastructure. The main mission of our company is to eliminate and optimize unnecessary costs, which allows us to introduce innovations in production, increasing the margins of our business and allowing us to discover new horizons for development in the industry.

  • strategy

    We have extensive experience in the study of geological features of natural gas, oil and technologies for their exploration. Del Mar Energy has unique equipment and software developed in its own research center. Work on the development of offshore oil and gas fields is a unique and one of the most marginal areas of the holding. During our existence, we have established and located 4 facilities aimed at extracting industrial assets from the underwater shelf.

Investment analysis

The complexity and high degree of manufacturability of offshore field development processes are obvious. The main factors in choosing this direction of development were a significant increase in oil prices and the use of neutrotechnologies, which make this direction high-margin and profitable. Oil extracted from the bottom of the seas and oceans is already a competitive commodity and firmly occupies its niche in the world market of hydrocarbons. We have extensive experience in offshore gas and oil production, constantly improving technologies and introducing innovations. Del Mar Energy has 4 of its own offshore oil production platforms, which bring us up to 220 thousand barrels of oil per day every day. For 14 years of work with this direction, we have established exports to 6 countries, which confirms the importance of this direction.

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