Steel production

  • about project

    Structural alloy and carbon steels are used in the machine-building industries, in the manufacture of structures for construction and fastening works, in profile and sheet metal, in the manufacture of pipeline valves and pipeline parts. The special purpose of steels is due to the presence in alloys of both special elements and other chemical properties, such as: stainless (corrosion-resistant), heat-resistant (scale-resistant), acid-resistant and others. For example, such alloys are used in environments with increased aggressive properties, resistance to radiation or with electrical qualities. Most often, carbon steel is used for the manufacture of various tools, elements of complex metal structures, machines and mechanisms, cold deformation and hot forging products.

  • mission

    Del Mar Energy is a company with extensive experience in the production of carbon and special steel using its own patented technologies. The holding has developed unique equipment and its own software to make the manufacturing process more efficient. These technologies allow us to produce high-quality steel that is unparalleled. Our goal is to regularly optimize the industry and introduce the latest technologies that allow us to consolidate our position as an industry leader.

  • strategy

    Currently, Del Mar Energy supplies its products to 47 countries around the world. In 2027, we plan to produce a new steel grade of our own design, which will contain an increased level of molybdenum and cobalt. The Del Mar Energy Research Center continues to regularly develop chemical components for the implementation of each direction of our holding.

Investment analysis

Metals have always occupied an important place in human activity. They are used to make all kinds of parts and mechanisms for various industries. Due to their properties, carbon steels are used in various spheres of the national economy. But before manufacturing a part, it is necessary to assess the conditions in which it will work. Low-carbon steel is used to make bushings and spacer rings, strips, covers, tacks, lids, bearing cups, flywheels. Body parts and frame structures are made of this alloy: the low strength of the steel is compensated by its resistance to welding processes. Medium carbon metal is suitable for creating parts that work with intense loads. These are shafts, spindles, gears, rollers, levers. The technological process includes the production of blanks, mechanical and heat treatment, and the effect of abrasive. High-carbon steel has a high manganese content and is rarely used. This is a difficult-to-machine alloy, if a defect appears, then it will be almost impossible to correct it. It is used to make parts that must be hard and elastic: springs, collets. Tool brands are named so for a reason: they are used to make tools. These are files and screwdrivers, wrenches and wire cutters, pliers, hacksaws, garden shears, axes, drills. Tool steel is sensitive to heat, so products made of it cannot be used at temperatures above +572 degrees Fahrenheit.

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