Coal mining

  • about project

    Coal plays an important role in solving the key challenges of the 21st century, one of which is the rapid growth of energy consumption. This kind of industrial asset is much more affordable than other fossil fuels, and its reserves are fairly evenly distributed. Coking coal is produced by coking coal. Solid fuel, called coke, is of great technical importance. At least 10% of all hard coal is coking, which indicates the importance of coke in the energy sector and industry, in particular, metallurgy - in pig iron smelting. Coke costs account for about 50% of the cost of finished steel products. Coke is used exclusively in blast furnace production, which is used both in the extraction of metals from ore and as a ripper for charge materials. In foundry, coal or foundry coke is used, in the chemical industry and in the production of ferroalloys - its special varieties.

  • mission

    Del Mar Energy produces coking coal, which is an essential element of the economies of many countries around the world. The main mission of the holding is the introduction of digital technologies for production and the development of a unique methodology that contributes to the optimization of the process.

  • strategy

    Del Mar Energy does not just extract and process coking coal, but creates a unique production system, ranging from the development of deposits using digital technologies to the industrial revolution in building the supply route of this asset. Del Mar Energy's extensive experience in this area allows us to use the latest developments of its own technical center in the field of mining, and take a leading position among identical companies.

Investment analysis

Thermal coal is widely used for electricity generation, despite the explosion of renewable energy sources in recent times. The use of digital technologies gives Del Mar Energy the opportunity to make this area less costly and for 10 years of fruitful development of this sector, the net annual profit is consistently over 300%.

Facts in numbers

  • 500000 $

    Minimum amount

  • 381.696%


  • 7426232634 $

    Total invested

Investment conditions

  • 1.988%

    Daily rate

  • 192 days

    Deposit term

  • Daily

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