Development of mineral deposits

  • about project

    The development of mineral deposits is a complex of interrelated processes of extraction of minerals (or useful components) from the bowels of the Earth or from its surface. The process begins with the stage of preparing the field for operation, which consists in the diversion of surface water, the removal of natural and artificial obstacles and the drainage of the quarry. The second stage of development consists in opening the deposit and providing freight transport access from the ground surface to various areas of the deposit by sinking capital mine workings, which make it possible to carry out preparatory work.

  • mission

    This direction gave Del Mar Energy an impetus for development and improvement. The holding carries out the integrated development of mineral deposits. We not only conduct geological exploration of territories, but also build a full range of mining and processing enterprises. Del Mar Energy's core mission in coal mining is to use innovative technologies and the latest mining methods to increase productivity and reduce costs.

  • strategy

    We have been engaged in geological exploration and development of mineral deposits since 2007. As a general contractor, Del Mar Energy has so far implemented more than 100 projects in 26 countries around the world. Having such a great experience in this field, we not only have highly qualified specialists, but also actively use the latest developments of our own scientific and technical center in the field of mining, thanks to which we have our own competing technologies that cannot but win the love of our customers.

Investment analysis

Despite the state of the economy, people have always had and still have basic needs that need to be satisfied. The initial raw materials and the basis of any type of production are natural resources and minerals, during the processing of which the consumed products are obtained. Mining has existed since ancient times, so investing in one form or another in the extraction of natural resources is both the most ancient and always promising type of investment. As the global community needs more and more resources for further processing, even crises do not have a drastic impact on mining.

Facts in numbers

  • 300000 $

    Minimum amount

  • 376.74%


  • 2431246432 $

    Total invested

Investment conditions

  • 1.932%

    Daily rate

  • 195 days

    Deposit term

  • Daily

    Payment type

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