Sale and installation of solar modules

  • about project

    The relevance of using solar panels is growing every day. This is due to constantly growing electricity tariffs, as well as the deterioration of the environmental situation in the world. The production of Del Mar Energy solar panels is based on two types of modules. Autonomous - for power supply to residential premises, operation of various devices and recharging batteries; Grid - for power supply of large industrial facilities. The advantages of our solar panels are the presence of a special anti-reflective coating, which allows you to significantly increase the efficiency of their use and create a wider temperature range for work. Del Mar Energy panels have a wide temperature range and can operate at temperatures from -50 to +70 C. In addition, Del Mar Energy panels work effectively in conditions of high humidity, as well as in cloudy and rainy weather and are resistant to shocks and other mechanical damage.

  • mission

    Del Mar Energy has been working with green energy for many years, promoting its principles in all areas of its activities. We produce various versions of solar modules, which have different purposes and differ in the type of technologies and materials used. The main mission of Del Mar Energy is to take care of the future of our planet and improve technologies for energy production and its further distribution.

  • strategy

    Our solar panels are designed to function in all climatic conditions. For their production, especially durable tempered glass is mainly used, which is installed in a metal frame to strengthen the structure and prevent deformation. Advantages of our solar panels: - The presence of a special anti-reflective coating, which allows you to increase efficiency (the average efficiency of Russian panels is 17%); - Wide temperature range from -50 to +70 C; - Effective operation in conditions of high humidity, as well as in cloudy and rainy weather; - resistance to shocks and other mechanical damage. Panels are divided based on the differences in the working layer, as well as the design. Panels can also be flexible and rigid. Flexible structures are becoming increasingly popular due to their ease of installation even on vertical building surfaces. Thus, giving the architectural solution of any building high-tech details with its practicality and the spirit of neotechnology. Silicon (this includes amorphous (7% efficiency), monocrystalline (15% efficiency) and polycrystalline (13% efficiency) - with gallium arsenide - show a high efficiency of 20-22%. Single crystal ingots are cut into thin wafers with diamond saws and then cleaned of sludge. Order. Such panels have a specific glow on the treated surface, resembling metal flakes. Such models of solar panels are most effective in bad weather.

Investment analysis

Del Mar Energy uses PERC technology in the production of all solar panels, as well as its own innovative developments. Currently, about 40% of all new solar cells are manufactured using PERC technology, and by 2025 this figure may reach 75%. The reason for the popularity of this technology is that it has little to no effect on the cost of a finished solar cell, but significantly increases its efficiency by about 1-1.5%. PERC panels give more freedom to developers and designers, especially in tight spaces, as PERC panels have higher energy efficiency per square meter and perform well in low-light and high-temperature environments. An analysis of the direction shows that the profitability of this investment portfolio has not fallen below 220% of the final return on investment since 2017.

Facts in numbers

  • 14000 $

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  • 1.12%

    Daily rate

  • 235 days

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  • Daily

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