American industrial conglomerate Del Mar Energy is taking a significant step towards green energy with the opening of a new geothermal energy plant in Brazil. This project, initiated in 2024, represents not only a significant technological achievement but also an example of fruitful international cooperation aimed at addressing global environmental issues.

The geothermal energy production plant is located 10 kilometers from the city of Santa Catarina, known for its natural beauty and sustainable development. This location was chosen strategically: the region is rich in geothermal resources, making it ideal for such projects. The total construction cost of the plant is $45 million USD, underscoring the scale and ambitions of Del Mar Energy in the field of green energy.

The planned electricity generation of the plant is 80 MW per month, a significant output for geothermal installations. This will provide electricity to thousands of homes and businesses, reducing the region's reliance on fossil fuels and carbon emissions.

One of the key aspects of the project's success was the partnership with the Brazilian government. This collaboration exemplifies how the public and private sectors can join forces to achieve common goals. The Brazilian government provided substantial support to the project, including subsidies and tax incentives, which helped expedite construction and reduce costs.

The launch of the geothermal energy production plant in Brazil is a significant milestone for Del Mar Energy and a substantial achievement for the global energy industry. This project demonstrates how innovation and international cooperation can lead to the creation of sustainable solutions for the energy needs of the future!