Career at Del Mar Energy

Active vacancies at Del Mar Energy Inc.

  • System Programmer

    The responsibilities of Del Mar Energy system programmers include the development of operating systems, working with open and closed networks of the holding, writing an interface to distributed databases. The employee's task is to develop software systems that control computing systems.

  • Carriers of Del Mar Energy products

    Mandatory requirements for transporters of Del Mar Energy products by land method are the presence of a CE category license, the absence of bad habits and the age from 25 to 45 years. The task of the carrier is to transport the products to the places of storage and purification of the primary material.

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  • Logisticians Case Mar Energy

    The responsibilities of the DelMar Energy Logistician include ensuring the movement of goods between the necessary points, reconnaissance of intermediate and final storage points of products, as well as the calculation of details that affect the quality of products and their cost. Mandatory skills of an employee: strategic thinking, negotiation skills, knowledge of the nuances of warehouse logistics, the basics of document management and knowledge of transport legislation.

  • Del Mar Energy Support Operator

    Del Mar Energy regularly expands its support staff to ensure that each customer receives all the necessary answers to their questions in the shortest possible time. A Del Mar Energy support employee must have time management skills, be able to quickly delve into the problem, be attentive to details, and also have perseverance and patience.

  • Warehouse staff

    We are opening many intermediate warehouses for the storage of Del Mar Energy products and are actively recruiting for the position of warehouse employee. At each of our facilities, there are universal employees who perform the duties of loaders, sticker makers and storekeepers. The responsibilities of a warehouse employee include knowledge of the nomenclature and location of each unit in the warehouse, understanding of the features of loading and unloading operations and safety precautions during their implementation, as well as the ability to carry out control and audit activities.

  • Sales Representative

    Del Mar Energy does not ignore the company's marketing department. We use a creative approach to attracting customers, which is what we want to see from our representatives. The duties of a sales representative include consulting customers interested in our company and assistance in concluding cooperation.

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  • Ambassador

    Media promotion also plays an important role in the development of Del Mar Energy. Our holding company is actively looking for employees who will be engaged in the development of our brand in online resources. A mandatory requirement for the candidate is the ability to interact with the audience and possess communication skills.

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