Del Mar Energy Inc. oil and gas producer

headquartered in Texas

Del Mar Energy is an American industrial holding company, mainly engaged in the production, processing and sale of oil, gas and renewable energy. The company is also engaged in the production and distribution of electricity, as well as the production, repair and leasing of electromechanical equipment.

We are building a system that ensures the fruits of our joint efforts are evenly distributed between the company and our clients. To achieve this, we regularly optimize each aspect of our operations to maximize results, while our clients enjoy a comfortable cooperation process. Del Mar Energy values collaboration with each client and strives to ensure every client feels proud of their association with the holding company.

The primary mission of Del Mar Energy is to complete all projects with minimal costs to the customer, implementing principles of innovative technologies and modern management systems. The holding aims to develop sectors that will always be in demand globally, as this mitigates most risks. Consequently, all infrastructure involved in extraction and processing is always profitable. Continuous improvement, the use of innovations, and quality work will inevitably lead Del Mar Energy to success.

Top reasons to choose Del Mar Energy Inc. ?

Del Mar Energy utilizes a frequent collaboration system that allows clients to work with the holding company directly, without intermediaries. Eliminating middlemen from the client-company interaction chain is the secret to Del Mar Energy’s success.

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Advanced technology

Our company uses the most modern and well-thought-out technologies in the development of its directions, which make the mining process more productive and optimized. Technologies such as neuromodeling and the creation of artificial gas also make the production process environmentally friendly.

Regular Development

A system of continuous development enables Del Mar Energy to strengthen mutually beneficial relationships with its clients. Each company facility has its own development conditions, and the diversity of our sectors is bound to impress.

Adaptability of the Process

The Del Mar Energy platform offers a comfortable collaboration system with clients and operational adaptability for each one. All actions on the platform have a wide range of capabilities.

Combined efforts

We use a system designed to enhance cooperation between customers and the company, ensuring continuous joint development for Del Mar Energy and its partners. We hope that every customer will be satisfied with their connections with the company.

Del Mar Energy employs systems with extensive collaboration capabilities. We value each of our clients and aim for significant growth in our partnerships worldwide.

Our team

Michael Latham
Founder / CEO

Founder and CEO of Del Mar Energy. He founded the holding in 2002 in Texas, successfully creating and developing industrial sectors.

Nick Kaufman
COO (Chief Operating Officer)

He took the position in 2018. He was born in Texas and graduated from the University of Massachusetts. After graduating, Nick started working in law. He first encountered Del Mar Energy in 2013, but received the status of an official partner only in 2018. Nick has brought to Del Mar Energy most of the modernized technologies that are used in production.

Stefan Russo
CIO (Chief Information Officer)

Stefan began his internship at Del Mar Energy in 2016. He grew from an intern to the company’s director in less than 5 years.

Thomas Lieberman
CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

He was born in 1984 in Nevada, where he attended a local university. In 2006, he moved to New York City to work in marketing and public relations. In 2011 he began a cooperation with Del Mar Energy. Before his partnership with our holding, Thomas Lieberman was responsible for promoting companies such as P&G, Gillette and General Motors.

Our story

  • 2002

  • 2005

  • 2009

  • 2012

  • 2017

  • Establishment of Del Mar Energy in Texas and the opening of the first rigs in Archer County. The holding had 600 clients.

  • Del Mar Energy produces 50,000 barrels of oil and 100,000 cubic feet of gas daily. At the same time, the holding begins a massive purchase of territories for the development of new production points.

  • Expansion of facilities and development of new production routes. Construction of enrichment plants for processing secondary raw materials.

  • Opening of 6 research centers to search for potential deposits. Purchase of 124 hectares of land in Texas.

  • Transition to a private financing system for projects. Construction and design of geothermal power plants.

Mutual trust | certificates and licenses in the fine print

Business License

Contractors State License Board

Federal Mining and Drilling License


International Financial Services

Del Mar Energy Certificate of Private Security Lisensure


How can I start a partnership?
The Del Mar Energy platform is equipped with an extensive system that allows for all operations to be conducted by any convenient method. Log in to your personal account and choose the industrial sector you are interested in.
Is there any feedback on the platform?
We strive to build instant communication with each client, so we provided the Del Mar Energy platform with the ability to contact technical support.
What opportunities does Del Mar Energy provide?
Our holding has an extensive range of activities in 5 sectors, each with 3 development directions. Choose the sector you are interested in to initiate cooperation.
What guarantees does the holding provide?
In addition to our authorized capital, which ensures our operations, we also have a range of official licenses and documents that allow us to develop industrial facilities in the US and worldwide, and conduct our activities.