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Why choose Del Mar Energy Inc.?

Del Mar Energy is a member of the Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Association

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Objects of study

Del Mar Energy facilities are well-known and each has its own history and potential. The holding strives to ensure the greatest productivity for each direction that brings profit.

Opportunities for everyone

Client orientation is a fundamental factor in our company's development. Del Mar Energy provides the best opportunities for each client for mutual success and growth.

Convenient Analytics Dashboard

We have developed an online platform that combines advanced technical solutions, making it intuitive for every client, regardless of their experience in finance and industry.

Leader in technological progress

Each area of Del Mar Energy business involves well-thought-out modern technologies that significantly optimize the production process, and reduce the cost of doing business.

Del Mar Energy is a member of the Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA)

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Features of Del Mar Energy financing

  • Simple and Comfortable Start

    To become a part of Del Mar Energy, you need less than 10 minutes. Provide your contact information, complete the verification process, and gain access to your personal dashboard.

  • Convenient Structure

    The Del Mar Energy personal account combines control and analytics for all areas in which the customer collaborates with the holding company. This management method is recognized as the most productive and optimal for everyone.

  • Wide Range of Tools

    With a simple yet informative personal account, Del Mar Energy partners enjoy a mutually beneficial collaboration process daily. The methodology is designed so that each customer of holding can find a suitable solution.

Key projects of Del Mar Energy

  • Installation of production equipment

    about the project

    The petrochemical industry uses column equipment for chemical production and cleaning processes. Del Mar Energy offers customized, all-welded, or prefabricated columns, enhanced with top steel alloys for safety and durability, and provides maintenance and spare parts as needed.

  • Field development

    about the project

    Extracting minerals, including hydrocarbons and associated gases, is a challenging and lucrative task. The production process includes many stages of production: from geophysical methods of exploration of soil and underwater surfaces to transportation and processing of the product to the consumer.

  • Refining and sale of petroleum products

    about the project

    Today, the demand for oil fields is closely related to their location on the sea shelf. This is due to the depletion of onshore oil reserves. The traditional method of production of reserves on the shelf is the location above the water surface of a stationary or floating production facility, which has the necessary equipment for production.

  • Regular road repairs

    about the project

    As the general contractor, Del Mar Energy is responsible for paving 5.98 inches of recycled concrete crushed stone (recycled from the existing concrete slab), 5.98 inches of cement-treated crushed stone basecourse, 14.02 inches of PCCP polycarbonate coating for the main paths and 9.02 inches of temporary concrete ramps.

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Hanggin Banner Solar Power Plant by Sini Hangjindi in Inner Mongolia

Del Mar Energy presents a development that uses solar energy to generate industrial capacity without further investment. The facility is equipped with its own solar panels, which make it possible to prevent third-party companies from accessing the holding's technologies and implement its own direction from the renewable energy sector. Due to the fact that the sun provides an inexhaustible stream of UV rays in large volumes, every user can be sure of the effectiveness of the system. Solar energy is crowding out other industrial sectors, so it is difficult to underestimate the importance of developments in this area.